4 Ways to Make Rooms Look Bigger + More Photogenic


In real estate, pictures tell more than a thousand words, they can sell your home! One of my highest priorities when listing a new property is to make sure that the photography is the best it can possibly be, showcasing room size, finishes and natural light. And after prepping enough homes for my professional photographer to do her magic, I have developed a set of tricks that help to enhance and highlight:

  1. Tell a story: Each room should tell a story based on the furniture selection and placement. If the room is used as a combo office/guest room, choose one or the other and remove the furniture that doesn’t fit with the new story for the room. Especially when staging a home, “more” is not always “better.”
  2. Remove anything extraneous: Even if you are telling the story of a playroom, toys should still not be visible. Use bins, baskets and storage to create clean surfaces and visuals. Closets shouldn’t have anything on the floor, cabinets should look sparsely used, and walls should only feature one or two pieces of art.
  3. Shoot from corners: When photographing a room, shoot from one corner and try to include three other corners in as many of the shots as possible. This rule of thumb helps to ensure your shots maximize room size. Try to avoid using any shots that show just one corner--the room will look small and the context of the room may look confusing.
  4. Shoot the relationship between rooms: To help tell your story and to show the flow of the home, shoot the relationship between rooms whenever possible. For example, for a home with a dining/living room combination, shoot from the far side of the living room through to the dining room, and then vice versa.

Since the exterior of your home is the first photo that anyone will see, plant a few flowers if possible to set a great first impression. Once the home is staged for photos, try to maintain the staging for showings--what looks good on camera, usually looks even better in real life!