March's Feature Property: 2948 N Pine Grove Ave

In a jam-packed area like Lakeview East, space is a precious commodity in a home. This property on Pine Grove creates space by taking residents upwards with its duplexed floor plan, giving you all the breathing room you'd need. Natural light is also coveted in an area with so many apartment building in close proximity. This apartment faces east and has two levels of windows on the first floor alone, meaning ample sunlight in the mornings making the space brighter and energy efficient.

This home is located on a quiet and narrow residential intersections of Oakdale and Pine Grove streets but is still walking distance to restaurants and stores on bustling Broadway street. Street parking near the lake, as every Chicagoan knows, can be a pain; rental spaces are available for residents for a monthly fee to park across the street, leaving you one less thing to worry about as you settle on the east side.