Essentials for First Time Buyers

Purchasing a home can seem like a daunting process for first time buyers. Property is a hefty investment and a long-term asset.  Fortunately, there are steps that can be followed to add ease your first-time buying experience.

Early Pre-approval is Necessary - Getting pre-approved early can strengthen your negotiating power with sellers.  Pre-approvals show the seller that you are a good candidate for financing. Buyers should get pre-approved before the home search begins. This provides an accurate estimate of your purchasing power, focusing your search to homes that best fit your financial needs.

Be Flexible - Ideally the home of your dreams will have all the features you listed and discussed with the Barker Group team.  Realistically, buying a home sometimes requires compromises. It is essential to determine the qualities of your new home that are negotiable and nonnegotiable. In contrast, I caution against buying the first home you see unless you are absolutely in-love with it. There is no reason to rush into buying a home simply because you are afraid of a missed opportunity. There is no need to compromise until you are sure that your ideal home is not available for purchase. 

Assemble a Specialized Legal Team - There is a great deal of coordinating between both the seller’s and buyer’s legal teams between going under contract and closing. An attorney that specializes in real estate transactions is essential for a smooth home purchase. When presented with inspection issues, lending issues, and closing issues I work closely with your attorney to solve problems quickly and effectively, making sure you close your deal on time.

Like a home, every buyer’s experience is unique from the rest. Barker Group is here to guide and inform you of the proactive steps you can take to stand out to sellers, increasing the likelihood that you will buy the home that fits all your needs.