Welcome Winter and the New Year with these Decorations


Re-purpose your Christmas Tree

No one gets rid of their Christmas tree by December 26th! Turn it into a new years tree. Adorn it with party favors and other dollar store trinkets to make it a fun transition into 2018.

Our Best Bites

sparkle bottle.jpg

DIY Sparkle Bottles

Left over champagne from Christmas celebrations? Add some glitter to your home in time for the new year.


winter wreath.jpg

Pre-Lit Flocked & Glittered Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath

Add a subtle flare to your home with this wintery wreath with clear lights built in.



Savanah Throw Pillow

Liven up your living room or shams with this throw pillow with poinsettia embroidery.


Curtain Decoration Lights

Go bright and vertical! These draping lights add a noticeable but subtle touch to your home. Hang these lights on your curtains, stair rails, or outside your patio to accentuate your less thought about parts of your home.

Brown Rattan Sphere

Here is a fun way to decorate your home without burying it under mountains of lights and ornaments. Place these spheres in your bushes or hang them from your awnings to give your home an eclectic forest feel.



Spring Bulbs (Yes, in Winter!)

Now is the time to get your garden read for Spring. Get your hands dirty and plant your favorite perrienials before the ground freezes over this winter. You'll be happy you did come Spring time

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