What to Look for in an Attorney


I always advise anyone interested in buying or selling property to hire a real estate attorney; someone with the background to handle all of the nuances involved with real estate closings. When searching for the right attorney there are certain characteristics that should be sought out. In turn, there are steps buyers and sellers can take to make the transaction as seamless as possible.

Availability: Your attorney should be accessible and responsive.  When you have questions about your ongoing home transaction, you have the right to expect answers in a timely manner. An attorney that is only available 9-5 Monday through Friday may not be enough, especially if you are in the midst of a complex purchase or sale.

Get Your Attorney Involved Early: It is a good idea to select and have a conversation with your attorney before you are under contract. Items such as condominium documents, plats of survey, and zoning certificates  can take time to request and receive, delaying the closing of your property. Having your attorney collect all the documents needed for your transaction prior to a contract allows them more time to give special attention to your transaction and foresee any possible issues that could potentially complicate it and delay closing.

Your Attorney Should Brief You on Every Step of Your Transaction: Your attorney will make sure you are well informed about the status of your home from start to finish. The additional fees associated with closing can be difficult for buyers and sellers to sort and understand without expert guidance. Your attorney will work closely with your agent and be able to communicate with lenders and the other side to get definite numbers on what you will be paying for your home before it is time to close.

Don’t Hesitate to Interview Your Potential Attorney: Even though real estate law is its own niche sector, there are facets to each property that make each transaction unique. It is best to ask your attorney what past experience they have with transactions that most closely resemble yours. Ask your attorney how big their team is and how many transactions they work on at a time. Knowing how your attorney operates can will help ensure a smooth closing.