The Process

My clients know that I believe that any home search is only as effective as our preparation. Every home buyer should start their journey with a thorough understanding with exactly what you are looking for, so that when you walk into the home of your dreams you know it--the Chicago market moves quickly!


  • Get pre-approved: After reviewing your financials, a mortgage lender will pre-approve you for a maximum mortgage amount. Make sure your lender is someone you trust.

  • Select a neighborhood: Consider proximity to the lake, public transit, schools, and grocery store. Know what is most important to you, and where you are willing to sacrifice a bit.

  • Create a profile for your dream home: Think size, age, condition, amenities, parking and any other must haves.

  • Start your search: Armed with your dream home profile and pre-approval, your home search should feel natural and deliberate. Remember, Chicago's market moves fast!

  • Make an offer: Feeling confident about your offer amount is crucial, which is why I prepare my buyers up front so they understand the ins and outs of neighborhood and home values.

  • Finalize the contract: Home inspections typically occur a few days after an offer is accepted. Once your lawyer and the seller's lawyer have finalized any inspection issues, the contract is finalized.

  • Mortgage processing: Your lender will require a large amount of upfront paperwork (tax returns, pay stubs, financial history, etc.) from you to initiate the lending process.

  • Close: Just prior to closing you will attend a final walk through to make sure the property is empty and clean. Then onto the closing table!

Pre-Approval Checklist

Getting pre-approved is fast and easy, and really does make the entire home buying process run more smoothly. Most lenders will require a combination of the following: current pay stubs, the last few years of tax returns, the most recent bank statement from both checking and savings accounts, your most recent retirement and investment statements, and most recent mortgage statements if applicable.


Location, Location, Location

One of my favorite parts of Chicago is that every neighborhood has its own personality. There is a perfect neighborhood for every buyer, it's just a matter of find it!


Selling Without Stress

Many of my clients simultaneously buy and sell properties. Mitigating stress is all about an understanding of the process, timing, education and communication.  



Buying or selling a home is a team sport, and I believe I have one of the strongest teams out there--working hard every time to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. 

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